Heat pump

In Belgium, heat pump is the best way to heat a pool at a lower cost !

Indeed, heat pump will use the calories in the air to heat the water in your pool.

Our INVERTER heat pumps, new generation of intelligent, innovative and high-end pumps have the highest performance.

Save up to 50% electricity, with always a warranty on site.

Our simulator allows you to calculate exactly the heat pump you need, but especially the savings you will be able to do!

You will not find anywhere else quality and service at such low price!

For an optimum profitability of your heating, it is essential to use a thermal pool cover.

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Heat Warmers

This equipment is perfect for a quick temperature rise of small pools.

The electric heater set-up is quick and simple. You can do it without any technical knowledge needed.

The electrical connection is made in a simple socket and the hydraulic connection is facilitated by connection tips provided for different types of pipe.

The electric heaters will give full satisfaction to ones who want to warm up their pool up to 20 m, all this while controlling all their purchase budget!

Purchase your n-P 3kw electric heater with only €299 VAT included, excluding connection.

Other available powers

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Heat exchangers

The heat exchanger is perfect for coupled use, especially with gas or oil boilers and solar panels. Sold up with electronic control kit, the heat exchangers are sturdy, simple to install near the boiler. They are also equipped with different security mechanisms.

With powers of 30 to 120 kw, these devices can meet most needs.

Your heat exchanger with control kit is available as from €950 VAT included, excluding setting up.

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Solar Heating

Ecological and economical, solar heating requires only an initial investment of a minimum of one hundred euros (depending on the size of the pool). This solution increases the water temperature by 3 to 6 degrees. The design of these solar panels allows easy horizontal and vertical mounting, easily scalable. The control is possible by a 3-way automatic valve, 2 temperature sensors and a control module.

For an optimum profitability of your heating, it is essential to use a thermal pool covers .

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