Filtration System

Pumps & Filters - Filtration kit

The pump and filter are the key elements of water filtration. A well sized pump and filter with a reliable quality already ensure you a large part of the treatment for optimum water quality.

In fact, once the water has been cleared of these impurities and well brewed in the entire basin using a suitable pump and filter, chemical treatments are reduced and easier to master.

With our variable-speed pumps from Hayward and Davey brands, you can save more than 50% on your electricity consumption while ensuring quality filtration.

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Automatic dosing and electrolyzer

Automatic dosing devices allow you to automatically process and regulate some or your water configuration.

No more headaches for manual dosing, no more green water. Swim in crystal, safe, clear water in the summer months!

You can already get a complete ph/chlorine (RX) system for only €650 VAT and settlement included! Pool up to about 100 m3, under practicability verification and without chemicals.

The Electrolyzer is a powerful system that transforms the salt in water into chlorine.

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