We build and install your pool

For more than four decades, we have offered a benchmark expertise regardig private pool uses. Our swimming pools combine aesthetics and quality!

At WeAuTER, importantly, we think of the ease of use, the economy of water and electricity. Blue Gold is our true passion! We offer all types of pools with high-end brands such as Alliance, Proswell, Solidbric, Cook ...

From the traditional swimming pool to the freeform pool, or the ecological pool, our company offers solutions taking into account your budget and your expectations.

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Maintenance and renovation


Our store is open for all the necessary products and the proper advices.

Please visit us and discover our range of equipment and products.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the maintenance products you can find in our store:

- Tests, test strips and photometers
- Chlorine
- PH - et +
- Flocculant



Give a new look to your pool, by simply changing the coating or by posing new top. Small changes can have great effects!

WeAuTER specializes in the replacement or refurbishment of the technical installation (pump, filters, etc.).

For example, you can opt for ultraviolet (UV) devices, to increase and improve the actual level of filtration quality.

The team can also supply and change the parts to be sealed from your pool (skimmer, discharge, etc.) colorful or stainless steel.


Accessories and equipment

WeAuTER provides accessories for the operation and maintenance of your pool. At WeAuTER, you will find all types of tarpaulins for swimming pools, shutters, shelters, maintenance accessories, PVC accessories ...

We are also specialized in automatic cleaning robots of brands: Zodiac, Astral, Hayward ....

Only models with outstanding performance and exceptional reliability are selected and sold at WeAuTER. With more than 40 years of experience, we know exactly what is best for your criteria.

A robot cleaner gives you peace and save your time.

Relax, it takes care of the cleaning for you!

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