Water treatments

Water softeners offer many advantages. Softened water protects your boiler and your pipes by stopping the scaling of the installations. You will benefit from substantial and short-term advantages such as a soft skin, a silky hair, soft fabrics after the washing-up or shiny dishes scale free.

Choosing one of our softeners will enable you to save up to €650!

For domestic softeners, we work with the following brands: Autotrol, Fleck, Clack, ... These household softeners are designed with valves that can save up to 40% of water and regeneration salt. The appropriate model will be calculated according to the hardness of the water and your consumption.

Thanks to a regular maintenance, save up to 30% of your energy consumption. Maintain the performance of your devices in the long run!
Maintenance request

Industrial water softeners

We offer a wide range of water softeners specially designed and suited to communities, industries, to Horeca and the liberal professions.

We offer a series of WeAuTER softeners that produce fresh water 24 hours a day, guaranteeing a profitability of your investments all year long.

To protect your sanitary or dishwashers, to reduce the bacterial bio-film, to facilitate the maintenance of specific devices, we propose the simplex or duplex softeners.

We suggest valves according to your technical requirements. Autotrol, Fleck, Clack, Siata are among our most sold brands, high quality and resistance guaranteed.