Various treatments

Dosing Station – Dosing pump

We offer metering stations or dosing pumps for anticorrosion and antibacterial treatments (such as Salmonella). Corrosion is a matter of pipe degradation. The metering station is used to inject a phosphate-based product that covers the inside of your piping with a protective layer. Antibacterial treatment is perfect for the treatment of sanitary hot water.

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Do you want to purify your water by removing the iron, to protect your pipes and your devices?

Deferrisation is intended to avoid rust deposits, reddish water. Based on an analysis, WeAuTER, offers you various techniques for water deferrisation. Now, your water will be iron-free or any other derivative.

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Purify your water and make your water consumption profitable thanks to our innovative treatment systems
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Reverser Osmosis

Do you want to purify your water?
To remove pollutants (pesticides, nitrates, etc.), metals, residues (sediments), WeAuter offers reliable and easy-to-install equipments.

Domestic Reverser Osmosis
It is a membrane filtration system that improves water quality. Your food, your teas, your coffees will have a unique taste! This water will be ideal for domestic consumption or use for domestic appliances that require pure water (American refrigerator, ironing plant, etc.).

Industrial Reverser Osmosis
We offer customised installations according to the specifications of the loads, the requested flows and the desired production.

UV - Ultraviolet treatment device

Looking for a treatment to remove germs and bacteria from your water?

The ultraviolet radiation device can treat bacteria as well as germs. When getting through the UV device, the living cells in the water are irradiated and destroyed by UV rays.

Booster - disconnectors

Do you have water pressure problems in your facilities? To increase the water pressure of your home network, we offer a booster including a storage tank and a pump. This system meets the stringent standards of Belgaqua (Belgian Federation of Water).

Booster for your domestic use: This pump will help you remedying the low pressure problems of your network and allows the simultaneous use of your washing machine, dishwasher and shower.

Pool booster: Usually used with high pressure, it allows the automatic filling of your pool. To meet the BELGAQUA standards, the booster prevents the return of pool water into your distributor network.