Rainwater treatments


Want to route water from a tank, from a well, to your house?

Hydrophore system is a pump that routes water from a well or from a tank, to your house.

These waters' recovery will be used to supply the pipes for a daily use of water (for toilets, washing machine, automatic watering of your garden among others)

Thanks to an electronic switch, this system goes on and switches off automatically depending on water pressure and on demand.

Depending on your needs, the hydrophores will be equipped with a reservoir. We offer a wide range of powerful and silent hydrophores, with stainless steel or cast iron body.

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Submersible pumps

You want to routewater from a tank, from a deep or far-off well?

he concept is the same as for the hydrophore. The pump routes the water from a well, from a tank, to your house. These pumps are directly immersed in the tank or in the well.

Your cellars are flooded regularly?

We offer a range of reliable cellar pumps with integral float. These pumps allow the discharge of clean or contaminated water, depending on the model.

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By treating rainwater with our innovative systems, you will save up to 70% on your water bill!
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Flooded suction

Tired of the rapid dirtying of your rainwater filtration?

WeAuTER has the solution!
This flooded suction device for rainwater tank collects the water at the highest point of the reservoir, that is to say, where the water is the cleanest. This device reduces the dirtying of the filters and the pump, thanks to a strainer and a check valve that prevent the pump from discharging.

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Filters and cartridges

First of all, the filtration!

Thanks to the removal of impurities, the filters guarantee the longevity of your equipment and water quality. Impurities includes particles, sediments or sand. They can cause corrosion or failures due to fouling.

The Belgian brand CINTROPUR is one of the star brands of our store. These ecological filters are especially designed for domestic and industrial purposes. They are made of top quality synthetic material and are suitable for any food and drinking water use. The CINTROPUR range of products extends from simple sediment filter to UV devices.

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