Private Spa

A home spa is a significant change in your life! A friendly place to stay with family or friends to relax, your spa will be like a second living room with, in addition, wellness!

All everyday life little worries will fade away in the waves of the many Hydro Massage jets offered by our luxurious spas.

Specially designed for the wellbeing and massage of specific areas, our spas will have beneficial effects on your health and your mood.

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Built-in Hottub

All our spas are supplied with an OZONATOR, an essential element for safe water, a high quality isothermal coverage and access steps to the spa.

In order for you to enjoy the most of it, we always add an AQUAFINESSE kit for the water treatment of your new purchase.

A 3-position high end spa for 7,259 VAT included.

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Inifinity pool

We offer built-in infinity spas of all shapes: round, square, rectangular or even unique shape for this kind of spa!

Sizes change as from 2,3 m diameter to 4,6 m height.

Some of these spas are available with covering to be tiled over in mosaic for an extra-luxury effect.

Built-in infitnity spas filtration are available separately on pre-mounted decks.

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Swim spa

Swim Spa combines spa and swimming pool; all in a modern design. You have both the space you need to swim and the benefits of a spa. Throughout the year, you will have a pleasant warm water for your outdoor breaststroke. Less cumbersome than a swimming pool, the swimming spa is the perfect solution for small-sized gardens or terraces. Affordable at prices similar to a complete swimming pool, the swimming spa is offered with the same massaging and relaxing jets as a high-end spa. You will enjoy the warmth that makes you feel happy after a long day at work, even in winter.

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Accessories & Equipments

Our facilities include everything you need to make the maximum benefits of your wellness experience.

We offer interesting and attractive accessories that will help you to relax as much as possible.

In our store you will discover: Cover supports, inflatable mini bars, a collection of essential oils, cartridge cleaning equipment, etc. ..

Everything to make your wellness moments even more comfortable and magical!

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